03 Dec 2020

Fleets that use light commercial vehicles may not have the superior size of their heavy-duty counterparts, but that doesn’t make them any less might or essential. Light commercial vehicles are crucial to keep businesses running, and customers satisfied.

As a fleet manager or owner, how do you ensure your vans and trucks continue to perform at their best and deliver the highest return on investment? We’ll take a look at how all season tyres may be the most optimal choice to solve everyday challenges light commercial vehicles face on and off the road.


1. Support drivers


Whether it’s driving on the motorway or regional roads, through narrow city streets or the countryside, drivers of light commercial vehicles face all type of challenges that can disrupt their journey. Choosing a tyre that can handle the most typical weather conditions of your area is an excellent place to start, but you should also factor in how long the tyres should ideally last.


For most light commercial vehicles, the durability and versatility of all season tyres are a convenient choice if your fleet is operating in regions with mild winter conditions. You and your drivers gain peace of mind knowing your light trucks and vans are ready for sudden rain or the occasional snow-covered road. Even more important, all season tyres give drivers confidence and control behind the wheel.


2. Meet fleet tyre regulations


If your fleet is operating in the European Union (EU), then you’re aware your fleet tyres must adhere to several regulations ranging from safety to environmental. Since 1 November 2012, the EU has enacted a Tyre Label Regulation to provide consumers with essential information about tyre performance in wet grip, rolling resistance and external noise. The information these tyre labels offer can help you understand how a tyre may perform in specific environments and conditions before making a purchase.


The label at a glance


Although all season tyres handle various conditions, the EU Tyre Label can help you compare different brands and understand which EU standards they meet for fuel efficiency, wet grip and exterior noise.


Wet grip & winter performance

Tyres with an EU Label Grade A for wet grip means the tyres underwent rigorous testing procedures and proved to be the best-in-class for grip on wet roads or during challenging rainy weather. But braking response is critical for driver safety all times of the year, especially the winter.


From May 2021, the EU Tyre Regulation will expand its labelling to include information about whether a tyre has winter certifications. While this label may vary depending on the tyre, the optimal all season tyres usually has a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certification.

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Rolling resistance

Most all season tyres are engineered to achieve an optimal rolling resistance (RRC). A low RRC means the tyre contains an enhanced construction and compound to help vans and light trucks run more efficiently and lower the fleet’s overall carbon footprint.


3. Influence fleet cost-benefits


From operational to maintenance, breakdowns and accidents, there are many direct and indirect costs to think about as a fleet manager or owner. Getting the best possible performance while meeting regulations is vital, but so too is ensuring the investment in your fleet is giving you an equal or greater return.


Fleet uptime is one of the best ways you can reduce your total cost of ownership — and all season van tyres have the potential to help. Engineered for year-round use, the robust compound and pattern of an all season van tyre makes it adaptable to various conditions, more resistant to wear and external damage. Together, these benefits lead to fewer tyre switches to keep fleets on the road longer and less time in the garage.


4. Increase business efficiency


With the rise of e-commerce and last-mile deliveries, companies are depending on light commercial vehicles to service more customers and ensure deliveries happen on time. Your light trucks and vans need to stick to a tight schedule for deliveries and pick-ups — while considering traffic, weather and other potential factors that cause delays.


With all season tyres, your fleets can maximise business efficiency to meet these high demands and keep business running. The year-round usage and durability can minimise downtime periods and contribute to lowering the total cost of ownership, despite the uptick in operations.

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5. The Bridgestone choice


As a partner for many light commercial fleets across Europe and the UK, Bridgestone understands the unique challenges these particular fleet vehicles face and the need for a reliable tyre to help get the job done.


The Duravis All Season is Bridgestone’s first-ever commercial tyre for the light truck fleet sector. This tyre has an EU Label Grade A for Wet Grip Index to deliver reliable performance in wet conditions, 3PMSF and M+S markings for certified winter performance, and a sidewall protector rib to reduce downtime periods.


The tyre is available in 23 sizes, including three HRD sizes and five high load sizes (10PR), to accommodate almost every type of vehicle and load.These features and wide line-up make the Duravis All Season an ideal choice for both fleet operations and private van drivers.


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