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Bridgestone inspires you to chase your dream and help you overcome the obstacles you face on your journey.

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Olympians Daley Thompson is ambassador for Bridgestone's "Chase Your Dream No Matter What" campaign

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How tyre retreading improves commercial fleet sustainability and cost efficiency
In a world where environmental protection and sustainable practices become increasingly important for societies and companies, it is fundamental for you as a commercial fleet manager to meet new regulations while also focusing on performance and reducing costs. At Bandag, we are working hard to meet those needs with solutions that boost your sustainability and that allow you to invest in better business practices. Enter the process of tyre retreading.
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blurry image of children sitting on a desk
Serving society with superior quality: People at the heart of Bridgestone’s sustainability journey
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Highway road between forest and sea
Milestone 2030
Back in 2012, we revealed our environmental vision for the future – for 2050, in fact. We stated that by then we would achieve a number of goals to operate in better balance with nature, we would utilise 100 per cent sustainable materials, and we would contribute to the globally agreed target towards a carbon neutral society, as set out in the Paris Agreement.
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Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard data initiative
Inside the data-driven tool helping fleets recover from the COVID-19 pandemic
Webfleet Solutions’ Paul Verheijen and Geotab’s Mike Branch reveal all on the collaboration to create the Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard.
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Kishimoto IOC
Daley Thompson podcast
In honour of the 40th anniversary of our ambassador Daley Thompson’s first gold medal win at the Olympic Games Moscow 1980, we’re excited to have teamed up with the official Olympic Channel podcast to launch a four-part series featuring legendary UK Olympians from the past four decades.
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two cars on a wet road
The essential checks for your vehicle post-lockdown
With restrictions easing across Europe, more and more vehicles are once again hitting our roads. But, if your car has been locked up for the past few months, it’s important that you’ve first made sure that everything is in good working condition – especially your tyres.
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