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Car & 4x4 tyres

Whether it's touring or sport, summer or winter, our range of car and 4x4 tyres meet a variety of vehicle needs and driving styles to help you master your journey.

Motorcycle tyres

From on-roading to off-roading to touring and racing, our motorcycle tyres excel in performance, stability and speed for all types of adventures.

Van tyres

Our van tyres are capable of handling heavy loads and various road conditions, all while reducing fuel consumption to save you time and money.

Agricultural tyres

Our agricultural tyres deliver a larger footprint, lower ground pressure, higher load capacity and a longer life: for premium performance in every farming situation.

Off the road tyres

Our off road tyres provide the utmost robustness in the toughest operations, supporting all mining, construction, industrial and port activities.

Truck and bus tyres

The complete range of truck and bus tyres provide maximum safety, while minimising fleets' total cost of ownership with our innovative tyre management solutions.

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Drive without hesitation, even when facing rain or occasional snow. Whatever the season, Turanza All Season 6 ensures safety & control, whether you are taking a corner on the highway or need to brake suddenly in the city.

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Experience the new benchmark in the motorcycle hypersport segment. The Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 will take your riding to the next level


A truck on a commercial tyre test circuit

How intelligent tyre design can optimise the efficiency of your long haul fleet

Fleet managers are making efforts daily to reduce the total cost of running long-haul freights while at the same time reducing CO

Stefano Modena on the creation of the new Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyre

The new Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyre is the result of a comprehensive development and testing process.

How bridgestone’s virtual tyre modelling is revolutionising tyre development

Picture a world where we don’t have to make a physical prototype tyre to understand exactly how it will perform.

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