Bridgestone VX on NewHolland Tractors

10 Jan 2024

In the vast fields of agricultural innovation, Bridgestone's VX-TRACTOR tyre has emerged as a game-changer, creating ripples of success across the northern landscapes of England and Scotland. This is not just a story about tyres; it's a narrative of breakthroughs, satisfied farmers, and the perfect synergy between Bridgestone and New Holland tractors. Join us on a journey through the farmlands where the VX-TRACTOR is turning fields into realms of unparalleled performance and efficiency.


We have notched up a significant victory, with over 50 New Holland tractors at seven Lloyd's agricultural branches sporting the VX-TRACTOR tyres. This triumph is not just a testament to quality but also a reflection of the demand for these premium tyres.


Lloyd Ltd, with branches spanning Cumbria, Bishop Auckland, Newcastle, Dumfries, and Kelso, recognised the transformative potential of Bridgestone's VX-TRACTOR. The decision to switch to Bridgestone was fueled by an 'incredible' wear rate, exceptional field performance, and unrivaled traction. 

Our customers are carrying out six to seven thousand hours of work, and when they get the tractors back into our yard there's still a good amount of tread on. This makes it really easy to sell as a secondhand tractor.

Jonathan Bell Dealer Principal at Carlisle

Saving on costs is always a priority for a business like ours, and the VX makes a big difference in this regard.

Andrew Rowland from Miller Contracting

Bridgestone VX-TRACTOR is designed to excel both on the road and in the field, even under heavy payloads. Its robust casings, extra-deep and extra-long lugs, and an increased six-layer tread belt ensure outstanding traction and an extraordinarily long wear life. The full 10-year warranty speaks volumes about Bridgestone's confidence in the product's durability.


Beyond performance, the VX-TRACTOR emerges as a smart and sustainable choice. Its compound mix, infused with vegetable oils, not only enhances resistance to wear but also contributes to environmental conservation aligning with our Bridgestone E8 Commitment.