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Bridgestone VX-TRACTOR, the tyre that is built to offer more traction for a longer time, and to help boost your productivity in the fields and on the road.
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  • Long wear life: Wear-resistant compound and long, wide and deep lugs
  • Outstanding durability: Fully capable of carrying heavy loads at higher inflation pressure up to 3.0 bar in cyclic operations
  • Superior traction: Thanks to patented Involute technology and a large tread footprint
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The tyres are barely showing signs of wear despite the harsh conditions.


Technical benefits and features

Patented Involute lug design

Superior traction

Lug design and larger footprint
Bridgestone VX-TRACTOR tyres offer you superior traction, thus increasing your productivity in a wide range of terrains, in the fields and on the road. The patented involute lug design and larger footprint maximise traction and minimise energy losses.
Agricultural tractor tyre with bigger lug

Long wear life

Wear-rubber volume and new generation compound
VX-TRACTOR tyres are built for a long life thanks to long, wide and deep lugs for more wear-rubber volume, and Bridgestone’s new generation compound, delivering even better wear-resistance thanks to vegetable oils, replacing some petroleum-based oil.
Additional plies for better resistance

Outstanding durability

Casing optimised to minimise internal stress
Bridgestone’s robust casing has been engineered to offer you outstanding durability and resistance to damage, even at higher inflation pressures till 3.0 bar for cyclic field operations.
Bead S-Line design

S-LINE bead profile

Greater flexing at low pressure
Bridgestone’s unique and robust S-LINE bead profile ensures durability under extreme conditions with great flexing at lower pressure to reduce soil compaction, but also high and constantly changing loads.