Proactive tyre maintenance solutions that keep your business moving.

This image shows a back view of a fleet vehicle using Bridgestone fleet tyres.
Optimise tyre performance
Maximise fuel efficiency
Reduce breakdowns and improve safety

The benefits

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Tirematics ensures optimal fuel consumption , better performance in braking and handling, and minimises potential breakdowns.
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Maintain the correct tyre pressure for optimal wear performance, improved casing durability and reduced irregular wear.
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Underinflated tyres increase fuel consumption and reduce tyre life. With minimal service efforts, Tirematics helps you save costs, maximise uptime and streamline operations.

How it works

Discover how Tirematics can support your fleet.

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How it works

This image shows a Bridgestone operator installing Tirematics onto a fleet tyre.

Installation & setup

Tirematics is an easy-to-fit system with sensors mounted externally on the valves and a fully wireless gate system. The sensors transmit tyre pressure and temperature and are linked to the respective vehicles in the Tirematics cloud using FleetBridge or Toolbox.
This image shows Tirematics in operation mode, with a Bridgestone tyre driving past the tyre pressure monitoring system.


Each time a vehicle passes through the gate, the pressure is read and sent to the Tirematics cloud. The Tirematics cloud analyses the incoming data and instantly issues an alert if necessary.
This image shows an operator checking the air pressure of a fleet tyre.


The alerts' recipients are determined beforehand to ensure the best outcomes if a pressure-related incident occurs. These alerts come from the Tirematics cloud by email or SMS and can also be sent to the driver.