An achievement in eco‑friendly performance, Ecopia is Bridgestone’s most fuel-efficient truck tyre. Together with Bandag FuelTech® retreads, this total tyre solution helps fleets maximize savings while treading lighter on the planet.

Caring for the environment

As a company involved in mobility, Bridgestone is working to reduce CO2 emissions and promote ecological conservation. The Bridgestone Group aims to reduce its worldwide CO2 emissions (measured per sales units) emanating from procurement, products, logistics, sales and end of tyre life recovery by 35%(1) by 2020, with the focus on improving tyre rolling efficiency.
As a contribution to these objectives, we are proud to introduce our new flagship range of premium steer, drive and trailer truck tyres for highway transport. A breakthrough in eco-performance.

(1)Compared to fiscal 2005 levels

Fuel saving

Up to 5%* fuel saving over the previous Ecopia range

Discover the all-new ECOPIA H-STEER 001, ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 and ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001, Bridgestone’s most efficient highway truck tyres ever, with a dramatic reduction in rolling resistance giving up to 5%* fuel saving over the previous Ecopia range without compromising tyre life. In addition, the outstanding grip and braking response in wet weather conditions ensure higher levels of safety**.

Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-Tech™ compound dramatically reduces the internal friction between the different tyre compound elements. This leads to a major reduction of energy loss and, therefore, rolling resistance. This, in turn, leads directly to fuel savings of up to 5%*, as proven in extensive testing.


Driving technologies which deliver fuel savings and other benefits

Lower rolling resistance and increased durability

Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-Techcompound significantly reduces the internal friction between the different tyre compound elements.

This decreases the energy loss in the top compound as the tyre rotates. Reduced energy loss means reduced rolling resistance, which means lower fuel consumption.

Robust casing for longer tyre life and better retreadability

Bridgestone’s breakthrough Waved Belttechnology consists of a wave shaped strip of 9 steel cords. This is wrapped circumferentially to build the first and second belt layers. This reduces stress and strain at the edges of the belt as well as increasing the stability and durability of the casings. This technology provides a stable footprint throughout the tyre’s life, thus reducing casing growth.

Lower rolling resistance and higher mileage

Bridgestone’s Low Energy Pattern has been specifically designed to control the movement of the tread blocks more effectively. Because there is less deformation, tread wear is reduced and the resulting reduction in absorbed energy also reduces the tyre’s rolling resistance.