25 Mar 2021

At any point in time, people imagine what the future will look like and what innovations will change our lives — and Bridgestone does, too. There’s no better place to share our vision on the future of mobility than at CES 2021, the first virtual edition of the world's most influential tech event.

At this year’s event, we introduced Bridgestone World: our first-ever virtual interactive city that presents Bridgestone, a global leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility. From aircraft to Airfree: here are the six innovations we’ve created to help people and businesses manage their vehicles in a safer, smarter and more sustainable way.


Bridgestone Airfree: the next-generation sustainable tyre

As a global leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility, we’re continuing to advance tyre design and development. We look at today’s questions to create tomorrow’s opportunities. What if a tyre couldn’t go flat - for example. And what if we never needed air to begin with?

At Bridgestone, we reimagine tyre technologies and address key customer problems. With our Airfree solution, we’re developing tyres that help customers become more efficient in their journey. By taking away the air factor, we eliminate issues associated with air pressure maintenance and reduce downtime caused by flat tyres. Since this is a key problem especially for commercial fleets, we're thrilled to introduce one of the world’s first Airfree systems designed to run on class 8 vehicles.

Combining this tyre and the wheel in a complete assembly ensures future fleets perform better than ever before. By building solutions for today’s mobility needs, we engineer next-generation tyres that meet tomorrow’s demands.

Simplifying tyre management & operations

At Bridgestone, we never stop innovating. We’re continually adding value to our products and services through advanced mobility solutions. By combining data and new technology, we simplify tyre management and optimise operations.

MOBOX, for example, is a mobility solution designed to provide easy value to customers through a personalised tyre and car maintenance subscription. MOBOX offers comprehensive services that allow drivers to continue their journey with zero effort and total peace of mind.

To keep that journey going for longer, we also provide reliable and sustainable retreading solutions through Bandag. These high-quality retreads extend the life of premium casings and help fleets reduce their cost per kilometre. By re-using and recycling materials, we keep the number of natural resources needed to an absolute minimum. This way, we contribute to a circular economy while also offering fast, localised and personalised solutions through our network of 90+ Bandag Franchisees in Europe.


Providing first-class mobility solutions


Bridgestone moves beyond just tyres by providing value through mobility solutions. These holistic approaches include smart sensing tyres that transmit critical data that can predict and prevent maintenance issues, thanks to our novel AI-powered algorithms. Besides that, new service tools make it easier to interact with Bridgestone and our expansive service delivery network.

More than 50,000 companies worldwide rely on Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone company, to connect their fleets and get drivers, vehicles and businesses where they need to go. Webfleet Solutions provides telematic solutions dedicated to fleet management, asset tracking and connected car services. Webfleet Solutions also supports mobility and fleet managers in handling their daily tasks and maximising customer satisfaction by providing insurance, rental and leasing industries and car importers.


This image shows how Webfleet Solutions support fleet managers

From the roads to the airspace, Bridgestone provides premium products and services wherever you go. Since aircraft maintenance is key to any airline’s operation, regular tyre inspections and robust inventory management plans are crucial to every flight’s safety. With Bridgestone’s unique tyre wear prediction technologies, aircraft insights and flight data, we optimise inspections, contribute to lower CO2 emissions and improve overall flight safety.


We’re excited about what’s next


In doing all of this, we realise we’ve set the foundation for so much more. We’re on a journey that fulfils our vision as a global leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility, creating customer and social value across all points of our supply chain. In close collaboration with our suppliers, partners and customers, we pioneer innovations and help shape a more sustainable future of mobility. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Bridgestone. Through Our Way to Serve, our global corporate social responsibility commitment, we are committed to helping improve how people move, live, work and play.

To see how Bridgestone innovations are shaping the future of sustainable mobility, check out Bridgestone World.