Wind turbines


16 Mar 2020

In 2018, we announced that three of our tyre plants in Spain – Bilbao, Puente San Miguel and Burgos – had begun sourcing 100 per cent of their electricity from renewable sources.


This marked a huge step in the right direction for Bridgestone. But, of course, we knew that there remained work to be done if we wanted the rest of our region to catch up.


Our commitment to a more sustainable society


In this time of global environmental concerns, we have a responsibility to rethink how we do things and change for the better. ‘Our Way to Serve’ is our commitment at Bridgestone to a more sustainable society and the CSR framework through which we’re transforming these responsibilities into real-life goals.

One of ‘Our Way to Serve’s’ three focus pillars is to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. Currently, these efforts center around a long-term environmental vision to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions.

We’ve spent the last few years evaluating every step of our value chain that contributes to CO2 output. From the environmental sustainability of our logistic and manufacturing operations to the fuel efficiency of our tyres, the volume of raw materials used in our products to the value we place on a local supply chain, we’ve made progress across the board.

And now, continuing the momentum of the great work in Burgos, Bilbao and Puente San Miguel, we’re very pleased to announce that our Tatabanya plant in Hungary and our Stargard and Poznan plants in Poland will be moving to 100 per cent green electricity.

This truly is a milestone moment for our business and a fantastic proof point for ‘Our Way to Serve’; we can now say that 90 per cent of the electricity consumed in our European plants comes from renewable resources.

It’s important to also acknowledge how this impacts our customers. Partnering with a tyre manufacturer that sources 90 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy brings benefits to car manufacturers and OEMs and their own value chain.


One step further on our most important journey


Just as we recognised the work still to be done following our 2018 announcements on Bilbao, Puente San Miguel and Burgos, today we maintain the same outlook. This is simply another step on our journey to a more sustainable society.

Be it through improving the energy efficiency of our processes, moving to renewable energy contracts, or exploring how we can generate renewable electricity on our own sites, we’re continuing to invest in and explore new solutions that will further reduce the CO2 emissions of our operations.