Bridgestone's ENLITEN Technology

Creating a tyre that is perfectly adapted to meet the needs of drivers is a balancing act between delivering exceptional performance, optimal sustainability characteristics, and ensuring the highest levels of safety in dry and wet conditions. ENLITEN is Bridgestone’s answer.

What is ENLITEN Technology?

ENLITEN tyre technology is Bridgestone’s innovative approach to tyre development.


It is a combination of multiple cutting-edge technologies that enable a lower environmental impact through CO2 emission reduction, resource efficiency and material circularity (use of recycled/renewable material) without any compromise on performance or safety. Additionally, ENLITEN makes our tyre portfolio more adaptable to the latest mobility evolution, making all Bridgestone tyres fully EV-ready. The ENLITEN tyre technology platform can be applied regardless of whether the tyres are intended for use on ICE (internal combustion engine), hybrid, or electric vehicles.


By utilising ENLITEN, we can deliver specific benefits depending on the type of tyre and the requirements of every driver, while ensuring that Bridgestone’s tyre portfolio is future ready. 

enliten technology

How Does it Affect Performance on Cars?

A number of Bridgestone’s car tyres already benefit from ENLITEN technology, including the Turanza 6 and Turanza All Season 6, which are both perfectly designed to be suited to hybrid and electric vehicles, helping to optimise their performance, alongside ICEs.


For example, ENLITEN brings both best-in-class wet performance and significant longevity improvements, with Bridgestone’s recent Turanza 6 tyre delivering 22% greater mileage than its predecessor1. ENLITEN also provides an improvement in rolling resistance, with the Bridgestone Turanza 6 reducing rolling resistance by 4% compared to its predecessor1. These features result in a low rolling resistance tyre that provides enhanced sustainability through reduced fuel or EV battery usage and longer wear life while also cutting drivers’ costs.


The Bridgestone Duravis Van also benefits from ENLITEN technology, offering great wear performance and best-in-class mileage2.

How Does it Affect Performance on Trucks and Buses?

ENLITEN enables a lower environmental impact of the tyre, vehicle and fleet, through CO2 emission reduction, resource efficiency and material circularity for any new or retreaded tyre. On top of that, each truck and bus tyre with ENLITEN remains retreadable, contributing to reducing the environmental impact further.


By bringing even longer wear life as well as optimising fuel efficiency, our truck and bus tyres with ENLITEN Technology enhance total cost of ownership (total cost of use) for our customers and accelerate their own sustainability journey.


The Firestone FS424, FD624 and FT524 are all integrated with ENLITEN Technology and are your smart choice to go the extra mile and ultimately lower your total cost of ownership.

1 Based on internal benchmark Turanza 6 vs. Turanza T005 (ref. size 205/55 R16).

2 Tests carried out by TÜV SÜD on the request of Bridgestone in July – August 2022 with VW Caravelle 2.0 TDI, on tyre size 205/65 R16C Duravis Van compared to the performances of main competitors in the same segment: MICHELIN Agilis 3, CONTINENTAL VanContact Ultra, GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Cargo2. TÜV SÜD Report No. [713262236]. MILEAGE rating: BRIDGESTONE Duravis Van (100%), MICHELIN Agilis 3 (96.7%), CONTINENTAL VanContact Ultra (93.3%), GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Cargo2 (64.4%).