An Insight into Bridgestone’s Electric Vehicles Tyres

The adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is surging worldwide – A striking testament to this shift can be observed in Europe, where EVs already represent 14% of new car sales1


As the electric revolution transforms the automotive landscape, Bridgestone stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. Guided by the Bridgestone E8 Commitment, we have produced groundbreaking innovations and Electric Vehicle tyres specifically to cater to the needs of EVs. Our goal? To integrate EV tyre technology into all our car products globally by 2030 and make electric vehicles as efficient, appealing, and accessible as possible.

Why Do Electric Vehicles Need EV-ready Tyres?

Unlike traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that use petrol or diesel, EVs come with a specific set of characteristics that may present challenges if not equipped with appropriate electric vehicle ready tyres. These specialised tyres are designed to address these demands and optimise the driving experience for maximum safety, efficiency and comfort. Characteristics and requirements distinctive to EVs include:

  • Increased Weight: The heavy batteries in electric vehicles result in an increased tyre load that could potentially lead to tyre failures. This demands a reinforced sidewall on EV tyres to support the additional load. 
  • Reduced In-Vehicle Noise: EVs are quieter than ICE vehicles, which amplifies the sound emitted from tyres. A reduction in road noise is therefore necessary to ensure a pleasant driving experience.
  • Increased Acceleration and Braking: The instantaneous torque produced by EVs can increase the rate of tyre wear which requires electric vehicle tyres to possess more wear resistance.

How did Bridgestone Develop EV-ready Tyres?

Fully embracing the electric revolution, Bridgestone has introduced a series of pioneering tyre innovations engineered to meet the requirements of electric vehicles and maximise sustainability:


ENLITEN Technology

ENLITEN is a combination of cutting-edge technologies from Bridgestone providing maximum safety, outstanding tyre performance and improved sustainability characteristics, while ensuring that Bridgestone tyres are EV-ready. 


In addition to best-in-class wet performance, ENLITEN brings significant longevity improvements, as seen in Bridgestone’s recent Turanza 6 tyre which delivers 22% greater mileage than its predecessor2. ENLITEN also provides an improvement in rolling resistance, with the Bridgestone Turanza 6 reducing rolling resistance by 4% compared to its predecessor. These features result in a low rolling resistance tyre that provides enhanced sustainability through reduced fuel or EV battery usage and longer wear life while also cutting drivers’ costs. Additionally, ENLITEN enables all Bridgestone tyres to be fully EV-ready.  

duravis van The ENLITEN marking on the Turanza 6 sidewall

B-Silent Technology

B-Silent technology is another integral component of Bridgestone's EV tyres. This technology focuses on reducing road noise by using a sponge-like absorber inside the tyre. This results in a quieter and more comfortable ride for EV drivers.


Ologic Technology 

Ologic technology decreases tyre width while increasing diameter. The result is a technology that substantially boosts fuel efficiency by improving both rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag.

Which Bridgestone Tyres are Electric Vehicle Ready?

All current Bridgestone EV-ready tyres feature an ‘ENLITEN’ marking on the sidewall to signify their compliance with EV requirements. Bridgestone’s latest EV tyres include:

  • Turanza All-Season 6: Perfect for the year-round traveller. Designed with ENLITEN tech, these tyres feature outstanding breaking performance across the seasons, with particularly remarkable snow traction and breaking. 

  • Turanza 6: Offering reduced road noise and enhanced energy/fuel efficiency, the Turanza 6 is a premium touring tyre with exceptional wet performance and superior milage.

  • Duravis Van: With great wear performance and best-in-class for mileage, the Duravis Van is the ideal summer tyre for professionals seeking to improve tyre management and fuel/energy efficiency.

When buying Bridgestone tyres for electric vehicles, it’s essential to consult a retailer or tyre specialist to verify if the tyre complies with vehicle specifications and features the ‘ENLITEN’ marking on the sidewall. Fitting a lower-grade rolling resistance or incompatible tyre could negatively impact your EV’s battery range and life.

duravis van Duravis Van


2ACEA, Bridgestone internal estimates based on Frost & Sullivan, BCG, ACEA, LMC, Transport & Environment and HIS EU + EFTA + UK