23 Nov 2020

The versatile all-terrain tyre that balances on and off-road characteristics for a comfortable journey, Bridgestone’s Dueler A/T 001 enables drivers to keep going in all conditions, regardless of terrain. The tyre’s tread design provides enhanced traction and braking – ideal for conquering tough terrain in all seasons and conditions. Enhanced tread grooves create better water evacuation, as well as low noise on tarmac, all without compromising on-road performance.


The INEOS Grenadier is a 4x4 built to take on the world’s most remote places. To deliver on that objective, Bridgestone have produced a specifically tuned Dueler A/T 001, increasing the tyre’s maximum load capacity to allow for the weight of the vehicle and increase the weight capacity for drivers; a new compound  to deliver enhanced performance in snowy terrains and achieve Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification; and optimised ride and handling when the vehicles are in fully laden conditions – including towing.


The result is a bespoke Bridgestone tyre that is integral to the strong performance of the Grenadier, wherever it’s being driven.


‘A project that has excited so many people around the world’


A short documentary series from INEOS Automotive, ‘Building the Grenadier’, has been commissioned to showcase the development of the new, rugged 4x4. of this series, titled “Kicking the Tyres”, deep dives into the vehicles’ wheels and tyres and features an interview with Bridgestone EMIA’s Marketing Manager for the North Europe Region, Andy Mathias.

The team at Bridgestone has taken our ‘Built on Purpose’ message to heart in tailoring the Dueler A/T 001 to our requirements

Mark Tennant , Commercial Director INEOS Automotive

"At Bridgestone we love working with automotive newcomers who force us to continuously innovate and improve what we do,” commented Steven De Bock, Vice President Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone EMIA. “INEOS Automotive is a company that is building a vehicle from the ground up with the end user at the heart of the design. It’s an exciting opportunity and we’re thrilled to be involved in a project that has interested so many people around the world.”


“We are very pleased to work with Bridgestone as the supplier of the standard equipment tyre for the Grenadier. The team at Bridgestone has taken our ‘Built on Purpose’ message to heart in tailoring the Dueler A/T 001 to our requirements’’ said Mark Tennant, Commercial Director INEOS Automotive.