Fast forward your business with Fleetcare, Bridgestone’s integrated tyre and fleet management system.

Fast forward your business with Fleetcare, Bridgestone’s integrated tyre and fleet management system.

05 september 2022

Bridgestone’s integrated tyre and fleet management system Fleetcare delivers enhanced efficiency and reduced operating costs to fleets thanks to a complete package from a single mobility partner. Not only do customers have direct access to Bridgestone’s premium tyre management solution, they also have full access to Webfleet fleet management solution and related proven technologies. Fleetcare can be customised to the unique needs of each fleet to effectively reduce total cost of ownership, increase customer satisfaction, save time, support compliance, maximise safety and security and enhance sustainability.


Fleetcare: integrating successful tyre management and fleet management solutions


The Fleetcare offer goes much further than in the past, as it combines Bridgestone’s best-in-class tyre range and customised tyre management solutions with WEBFLEET, Europe’s number one telematics solution for fleets. 


Developed for managers of commercial fleets looking for a comprehensive and modular solution package, Fleetcare is able to deliver remarkable business benefits thanks to vehicle and tyre related IoT solutions and efficient digital systems and processes. And because it’s also able to integrate tyre and vehicle data, Fleetcare provides smarter and more predictive maintenance solutions, resulting in optimised performance and increased convenience for you and your customers.


Meeting the changing needs of customers


As Mark Tejedor, Vice President Commercial Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA, said during the Fleetcare launch: “Cost-efficiency, convenience and sustainability are the three big priorities for fleets right now. When using many service providers, it is always a challenge to get the maximum effect on each of those priorities. We understand this is a key pain point for fleet owners and operators, which is why we’ve evolved Total Tyre Care into Fleetcare, an integrated solution for all tyre and fleet management needs. With Fleetcare, we’re providing a unique and modular solution that addresses many key business needs, from cost to compliance, from safety to sustainability. We are absolutely convinced that Fleetcare will help fast forward the businesses of our fleet customers thanks to the synergies between our proven fleet management and tyre management solutions.”


The 6 endeavours of Fleetcare


At Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions, we are dedicated to developing mobility and tyre management solutions that address the concerns of a planet in rapid motion. Together, we offer a range of hardware, software, products and solutions that can help you decrease your costs. Combining the right solutions for your fleet can ensure that, at every step of your journey, you are efficiently bringing down your overall spend.


1. Reduce cost of ownership

Fleetcare will help you make savings across the entire operation via better tyre and fleet management. Supported by the latest technology, as well as convenient systems and processes, a tailor-made Fleetcare solution ensures greater vehicle uptime, improved fuel consumption and optimised safety and security for fleet assets. Moreover, through connected tyre monitoring and usage-based tyre maintenance, you can now optimise the use of your assets and increase driver productivity, and this right across Europe. 


2. Maximise customer satisfaction

The goal of Fleetcare is to keep vehicle fleets moving, while also helping you deliver a more predictable service to your customers. Fleetcare helps you to minimise tyre related breakdowns and optimise in real time, while also advising on the deliveries and routings of your vehicles. All to the benefit of your customers and drivers.

Fast forward your business with Fleetcare

3. Save time

Fleetcare also saves you valuable time and resources by digitising the entire administration processes, and ensuring it is standard across your entire operation. In practice, Fleetcare ensures you are able to optimise your daily schedules and planning, save time on the road and efficiently communicate with your drivers what’s going on. You’ll quickly come to trust Fleetcare’s smart maintenance schedules, and realise the benefits of having a single mobility partner.


4. Support fleet compliance

Fleetcare’s proactive maintenance and frequent inspections will keep your fleet’s tyres within legal requirements, and ensure you have the right tyres for each application and road condition. You also have the option to choose from Bridgestone’s retreading and casing management service (with BASys), as well as automated and remote tachograph downloads, archiving, and analysis. This offers you full visibility of the driving and rest times, and lets you take proactive measures as and when they are needed. If you want complete transparency of all data and processes through centralised systems and proactive asset management, then look no further: Fleetcare is the answer.


5. Ensure safety and security

Significantly, Fleetcare has been designed with your drivers and vehicles safety and security in mind. We recognise how important it is for you to enjoy reliable tyre performance under any (and all) conditions, especially as tyres are the only part of your vehicle(s) touching the road. Fortunately Fleetcare delivers. In fact, it goes further, as it also offers predictive tyre care via 24/7 asset tracking and camera solutions, and real-time vehicle diagnostics.


6. Build a more sustainable future

Fleetcare is also about advancing technologies and solutions that actively preserve the environment for future generations. This is achieved by offering tyres with leading durability and fuel performance, giving tyres multiple lives through Bandag retread solutions, and proactive tyre care, which ensures better tyre performance and a lower environmental impact. But Fleetcare also delivers greener driving through coaching, route optimisation for minimal CO2 emissions and better electric vehicle management. In practice, this includes real-time pressure monitoring and data-driven tyre selection giving you the ability to report the precise carbon footprint reduction achieved by your fleet’s tyres.