Cutting transport fleet costs


30 may 2022

The issue of cost is never far from the minds of transport operators. In Webfleet Solutions research, when fleet managers were asked to name the top three issues they most wanted help with, they named these three elements: reducing fuel costs, reducing maintenance costs and extending the lifetime of vehicles.
Reducing overall costs can be a challenge today, but we can show you how you can take matters into your own hands.


Step 1: Identify obstacles & challenges within your fleet.


Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and increased economic instability have only heightened cost concerns for transport fleets.

Part of that cost goes to keeping your trucks in peak condition as it is essential for safety and compliance. It is also key to extending a vehicle’s lifetime, maintaining its value, avoiding downtime and, ultimately, reducing the cost of ownership.


Yet studies suggest that many transport operators are taking risks with their maintenance. For example, a recent study in the UK and Ireland found almost 40% of HGV drivers never do walk around checks on their vehicles at all, while another 16% said they rarely do so[1].

In order to keep your fleet safe, efficient and compliant, the first thing you need to do is identify your main cost challenges. Two challenges can be distinguished: what you need to do to maintain your fleet to extend its lifetime and how you can control the amount you spend on doing so. After that, it is all about optimisation.


Step 2: Learn what you can do as a fleet owner or manage.


Many of the costs transport operators deal with, such as depreciation and road tax, are beyond a fleet manager’s control. But you can take action in other areas! 


By analysing and fine tuning the following aspects, you can reduce your TCO significantly: fuel consumption and costs; maintenance planning and infrastructure; proactive repairs and tyre management, outsourcing in your maintenance network; improving overall management and investing in the proper hardware and software to make the job easier.


In the next step, you will discover which Bridgestone tyre management solutions can help you out.


Step 3: Be smart and use the right tools to identify and reduce your Total Cost of Ownershi.


At Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions, we are dedicated to developing mobility and tyre management solutions that address the concerns of a planet in rapid motion. Together, we offer a range of hardware, software, products and solutions that can help you decrease your costs. Combining the right solutions for your fleet can ensure that, at every step of your journey, you are efficiently bringing down your overall spend.



Solutions for tyres


Choosing the right tyres is essential for every fleet. Bridgestone offers specific premium tyres models that match the need for every vehicle based on its components, optimal rolling resistance mileage performance, durability etc.


To optimise their tyre lifetime, you can use Bridgestone’s all-in tyre management solutions such as Total Tyre Care  and real-time Webfleet telematics such as Tirematics to monitor, maintain and manage your tyres. By creating a detailed profile of your fleet and recommending adjustments, you can maximise convenience, increase transparency and avoid breakdowns, all while reducing total cost of ownership.


As for going the extra mile when it comes to tyre life extension and sustainability, you can reduce your TCO by retreading existing tyres via Bandag instead of replacing them. This solution uses ⅓ of the raw materials to manufacture new tyres and the process produces 80% less carbon emissions according to Bridgestone process data.


Solutions for drivers


In addition to tyre telematics, Webfleet gives you access to a range of data points, creating complete visibility over how your drivers perform behind the wheel. You can then identify which drivers require additional training and encouragement to use this function more frequently to limit needless fuel consumption. In addition, time can be taken off their hands by automating vehicle checks, inspections and paperwork thanks to applications such as CALIDUS VeHUB and FleetCheck Driver. 


As for saving fuel while on route, the professional truck navigation of the PRO Driver Terminal series from Webfleet Solutions shows large vehicle drivers the most suitable routes for them, so there’s less chance of driving unnecessary kilometres. 


Solutions for fleet managers


Webfleet offers a comprehensive automated overview of your entire fleet, drivers etc. so you can save time and resources. It monitors various aspects such as fuel consumption, driving behaviour, traffic trends and even spots exceptional events or anomalies so you can easily compare costs and take immediate action when needed.

Due to its online presence, you can extend your cost reduction on an operational level. Because Webfleet is available and easily accessible from any device, office staff can work remotely while supporting drivers in real-time. More flexibility = less commuting = less office space = less costs etc.




1  HGV Drivers Failing to Carry Out Walkaround Checks Says Survey – Commercial Fleet (2020)