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Bridgestone reviews on Tyre Seeker

22 Mar 2023

Bridgestone is earning a series of product recommendations and thousands of top testimonials on leading tyre review website Tyre Seeker, in a big boost to company’s reputation amongst motorists.


The online site is one of the most influential in the UK for feedback and Bridgestone has been faring extremely well, with 3,510 customer reviews currently uploaded and the majority of which being extremely positive.

In addition, respected motoring journalist and top tyre tester Steve Sutcliffe has conducted his own independent reviews on Bridgestone’s tyres, all of which have earned 4.5 stars out of 5.


The Turanza T005Weather Control A005 Evo and Blizzak LM005 were all ‘highly recommended’, as was the Potenza Sport, which won Tyre Seeker’s 2022 Summer UHP Tyre Test.


Nearly all of Bridgestone’s entire premium tyre range earns 4 or 5 stars out of 5 in further validation for the company’s manufacturing capabilities and impressive performance qualities in a range of conditions.

Bridgestone’s North Region Head of Marketing Andy Mathias said: “To see thousands of positive reviews about our tyres is a big positive and it’s feedback that we don’t take them for granted. Meanwhile, so many ‘highly recommended’ endorsements through Tyre Seeker’s independent tests was further endorsement for our premium tyre manufacturing capabilities.”


Bridgestone’s premium tyre manufacturing capabilities aligns with its broad, global corporate Bridgestone E8 Commitment, which clearly defines the value the company is promising to deliver to society, its customers and future generations in eight focus areas. These provide a compass to guide strategic priorities, decision making and actions throughout every area of the business.


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