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Bridgestone agricultural tyres


The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) harmonises tyres technical standards and allow their interchangeability. Tractor tyres have historically evolved at the same pace as the new tractor generations. To provide more load capacity and more traction, the solution was first to enlarge the tyre section. That's why the series have gradually diversified from the 85 series to the extra large series. However, when it was no longer possible to enlarge the tyre section further, IF and VF technologies allowed greater load capacity, better traction efficiency and also better soil preservation. With IF and VF tyres, the footprint increases not in width but in length. In addition of these technical standards, each tyre manufacturer brings his expertise to increase tyre performance based on exclusive internal and external tyre components. Let's discover all tyre technologies proposed by Bridgestone to push the boundaries of tyre performance.

Tractor Tyre Technologies

VF Technology of VT-TRACTOR
“Very High Flexion Tyre” (VF) describes a pneumatic tyre structure in which the carcass has a higher flexing capability than that of the corresponding standard tyre. This delivers a higher flexing capability than that of the corresponding standard tyre, and thus increases its footprint. It also increases load capacity up to 40%. On field, IF tyre operates at lower inflation so reduces soil compaction and thus delivers a greater yield. On road, IF tyre carries bigger loads means fewer transport cycles on the road. You save time and reduce your operating costs.
Benefits of VF tyre technology
Narrow rim option (NRO) for VT-TRACTOR tyres
The NRO marking allows the use of a narrower rim width than normally permitted by ETRTO Standards for either IF or VF tyres of the same size. It avoids systematic change of rim to benefit VF technology. Bridgestone NRO-marked tyres have two sets of unique sidewall markings as highlighted in picture.
NRO marking on tyre

VT COMBINE tyre technology

IF CFO and VF CFO on VT-COMBINE harvesting tyre
The combination of Bridgestone IF CFO front tyres and Bridgestone VF CFO rear tyres offer higher loads compared with standard tyres, or lower inflation at equal load. Bridgestone VT-COMBINE, High loading in Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) means major gains in productivity. VT-COMBINE tyres are designed to carry higher loads than the equivalent standard tyres. Cyclic field operations in particular permit cyclical (repeated) higher loads, when the cutting platform is raised, or when the grain tank is full for example, up to 86% load bonus in certain conditions.
VT-COMBINE high load capacity

Superior wear and damage resistance

Superior compound for all Bridgestone tyres
Bridgestone agricultural tyres are made of a wear resistant compound which contains vegetable oils. Our latest compound mix for all Bridgestone agricultural tyres is partly made from vegetable oils, replacing some petroleum-based oil. This new generation tread compound for Bridgestone agricultural tyres delivers even better wear and damage resistance than Bridgestone’s previous generation.
Better wear and damage resistance

Bead technology

Bead S-Line design
Bridgestone’s unique and robust S-LINE bead profile ensures durability under extreme conditions with great flexing at lower pressure to reduce soil compaction, but also high and constantly changing loads.
Greater flexing at low pressure

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