Car on a highway, equipped with Bridgestone tyres with ENLITEN technology

ENLITEN is a combination of cutting-edge technologies providing improved sustainability characteristics and EV readiness without compromising on safety or outstanding tyre performance. 

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ENLITEN Technology
Also for EVs

ENLITEN technology for all vehicles

By applying ENLITEN technology, our tyres meet the requirements of vehicles of all drive trains, including those EV's.
One ENLITEN Technology for all.
Bridgestone Turanza 6 tyre with ENLITEN marking

Recognise our EV-ready tyres through the ENLITEN marking on the sidewall.

Discover our products with ENLITEN Technology

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Turanza All Season 6 

Prepared to perform, whatever the season.

Truck driving in the rain

Turanza 6

Prepared to perform, even on a rainy day.

Truck leaving the highway

Duravis Van


Prepared to perform for your business's effiency

Truck leaving the highway

Ecopia Drive ENLITEN

Truck leaving the highway

Ecopia Steer ENLITEN