Adam Peaty and Charlotte Worthington


Bridgestone proudly became Worldwide Olympic Partner in 2014 and Worldwide Paralympic Partner in 2018. As a global leader in tyres and rubber, we are committed to the global Olympic and Paralympic Movements.


Bridgestone’s brand core, ‘Prepared to Perform’ perfectly aligns with our partnership, recognising that Olympic and Paralympic medals don’t get won by chance, they’re hard earned. Olympians and Paralympians train and practice relentlessly, so they can be prepared to succeed and perform. Just as Bridgestone's products and services support people's journey's and are ready to perform when it matters most. 


We look towards the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 with huge anticipation, as the world’s greatest sporting event returns to Europe.

Bridgestone is proud to welcome the next Olympic and Paralympic Games back to Europe.



Adam Peaty

Considered the best breaststroker in the history of swimming, Adam became World Champion in the 50m and 100m at the age of twenty. He holds world records in both distances, after breaking the record a staggering 14 times. When he defended his Olympic crown gained at Rio 2016 at Tokyo 2020, he became the first Team GB athlete to ever do so.

And in Tokyo, his stunning performance resulted in 2 golds, and a silver.

His extraordinary accolades match his gruelling training regime and relentless mindset.

Sporting Achievements:

  • Olympic Games Swimming 3x Gold and 2x Silver Medallist
  • World Championship Swimming 8x Gold, 4x Silver and Bronze Medallist
Adam Peaty: "Some say luck, I say hard work."
Charlotte Worthington

The first British woman to win gold in BMX freestyle, Charlotte made history at Tokyo 2020 landing an extraordinary 360 backflip. A move never performed by a woman before.

In a sport she didn’t start until the age of 19, her meteoric rise to fame includes 2 bronze World Championship medals (2019/2021) and victories at the British and European Championships in 2019.

Preparation is key. Her training requires epic sessions to hone strength, flexibility, speed and co-ordination. Giving her the courage and confidence to go big when it matters most.

Sporting Achievements:

  • Olympic Games Freestyle BMX Gold Medallist
  • World Championship Freestyle BMX 2x Bronze Medallist
  • European Championship Freestyle BMX Gold Medallist
Charlotte Worthington: "Luck won't land this, I will."


At Bridgestone we don't rely on luck
As global leaders in tyres and rubber, we know that success comes from dedication.
Confidence comes from decades of determination.
And performance comes from leaving no stone unturned.
That's how we ensure that every journey you take, you'll be ready, whatever comes on your way.
And Olympians and Paralympians are exactly the same.
They leave nothing to chance.
They train all day, every day, for years.

They stop at nothing.
They push their bodies; they push their minds
They're honed, athletes at the top of their game.
Poised to shine bright when their time comes.
Preparation gives us certainty.
Conviction that we will stand tall and perform in the moments that matter most.
Bridgestone, proud partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Bridgestone. Solutions for your journey.

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