A rigid dump truck equipped with Bridgestone off-the-road tyres


Durable tyres with traction, stability and comfort support you in tackling all types of working conditions

  • Deep tread pattern with sidewall protectors.
  • For abrasive roads such as rocky gravel or packed surfaces.
  • Highly resistant to cutting, chipping and shock damage.
  • Non-directional extra deep tread pattern.
  • High cut resistance and superior traction with side slip resistance.
  • Perfect for severe mining, quarrying and construction operations.
  • Non-directional deep tread pattern for muddy and soft surfaces.
  • High traction and especially resistant to side slipping.
  • Long tread life.
  • Rock extra-deep tread pattern with sidewall protectors.
  • Designed for giant rigid dump trucks.
  • Can be used on abrasive or rocky road surface thanks to super cut resistance without compromising resistance to heat.
  • Ideal for soft or muddy surfaces.
  • Good traction and flotation.
  • Long tread life, exceptional stability and self-cleaning tread patterns.
  • Used for severe rock and abrasive earthmoving operations.
  • Special rubber compound and sidewall protectors for high resistance to cuts and chipping in arduous environments.
  • Especially recommended for use in copper, iron, gold and other metal mines.
  • Extra protection against tire wear, cuts
  • and penetration.
  • Developed for rigid dump trucks operating in severe conditions, especially quarrying.
  • Excellent combination of long life, high cut resistance and advanced grip.
  • Non-directional deep tread pattern with sidewall protectors.
  • Designed for giant dump trucks.
  • Excellent traction and great resistance to side slips, as well as long life and cut resistance on rocky surfaces.

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