A forklift equipped with Bridgestone off-the-road tyres is moving shipping containers across a large industrial port


Maintain stability and heat durability during fluctuating loads and speeds

  • Deep tread designed for operations on rock, coal and earth where serviceability and cutting are big problems.
  • Its rubber compound effectively resists cutting.
  • RL’s regular tread is designed with a specially compounded rubber to resist cutting and wearing, as well as overheating. Designed for operating on rock, coal and earth surfaces.
  • Deep tread designed for operations on rock, coal and earth.
  • Its special compound has a high resistance to cutting and overheating.
    • Specially designed for straddle carriers and container stackers.
    • Exceptional life and superior cut esistance.
    • Low negative ratio of this pattern provides a strong resistance to irregular wear.
    • Especially designed for container handling equipment.
    • Safe and stable operations due to its newly developed all steel radial casing.
    • Unique pattern is designed for longer tread life by preventing irregular wear.
    • Deep tread pattern with sidewall protectors.
    • For abrasive roads such as rocky gravel or packed surfaces.
    • Highly resistant to cutting, chipping and shock damage.

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