World-class racing tyres that include the latest technology advancements to deliver excellent grip and handling on the track.

This image shows three motorcycle racers cornering with Bridgestone tyres on a race track at high speed.

Legal notice

Warning: All NHS (Not for highway service) motorcycle tyres are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads. Therefore there is no official homologation. Please have a look at the Racing or Off Road Ranges and/or contact your local dealer.

Discover the Race tyres

Bridgestone Battlax Racing V02 pair
An empty race track.

Race motorcycle tyre

  • Speed, speed, speed
  • Super-quick handling
  • Superb cornering performance
  • Improved warm up
  • Versatile compounds
Bridgestone Battlax R11 pair
An empty race track.

Race motorcycle tyre

  • Contact feel on entry corner
  • Grip on the brakes and acceleration
  • Consistency
  • Large operating range
Bridgestone Battlax Racing CR11 pair
An empty race track.

Race motorcycle tyre

  • Proven winning tyre
  • Consistent performance over lifetime of tyre
  • Fast warm-up capabilities
  • Feedback and precision
Bridgestone Battlax Racing W01 pair
An empty race track.

Race motorcycle tyre

  • Winner in the wet
  • Confident grip
  • Superb drainage
  • Top handling and precision
  • Quicker warm-up

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This image shows a mechanic checking the tyre pressure of a Bridgestone motorcycle tyre

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