Extreme Winter Car tyre

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Extreme Winter Car tyre

Blizzak ICE is a studless winter tyre built to handle challenging snow and ice conditions in moderate and subarctic climates.
  • 8% shorter braking distance on ice than its predecessor 1
  • Lasts 25% longer than its predecessor 1
  • Creates less sound than the average studded tyre 2
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2D and 3D sipes help Blizzak ICE stop faster on snowy and icy roads
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Blizzak ICE is a winter tyre designed to help you feel safe and prepared on ice-covered roads.

Technical features & benefits

Blizzak ICE comes with two different types of sipes 2D and 3D
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Powerful multicell compound

Reduces the risk of tyre slippage
Blizzak ICE is a winter tyre designed to help you feel safe and prepared in all types of winter driving situations, especially icy roads. Tyre slippage occurs when a thin film of water forms on the top of the ice and prevents tyres from making contact with the road. To overcome this, Blizzak ICE uses a multicell compound that absorbs water from the ice to achieve a firm grip.
Blizzak ICE tread pattern gives this winter tyre extra grip
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Unique sipes and blocks in tread

Extend the tyre wear life
The right tyre tread can make all the difference for a winter tyre. We designed the Blizzak ICE tread with multiple sipes and stiffer blocks — raised rubber parts of a tyre — to help it grip and brake well in snow and ice. The design also helps the tyre withstand the harshest winter conditions to maintain its excellent performance over time.
Blizzak ICE relies on NanoProTech  to attain its superior grip
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Optimal grooves in the tread

Reduce in-vehicle noise
A comfortable journey is not only about the feeling of confidence and control; it’s also about enjoying a quiet drive. Independent tests show Blizzak ICE achieves a lower noise level than the average studded tyre because of its optimal tread pattern.2 Although the tyre pattern contains high blocks, the grooves circulate air better to reduce the chance of in-vehicle noise.

Legal notice

1 Shorter braking distance and longer wear life
Based on the internal tests carried out in Bridgestone facilities vs. Blizzak WS80. Tyre size: 215/55 R17. Tyre life depends on driving style, tyre inflation pressure, tyre and vehicle maintenance, weather conditions, etc.

2 Lower in-vehicle noise
Test carried out by TÜV SÜD on the request of Bridgestone in October-November 2018 in Neubiberg (Germany), with VW Golf VII, on tyre size 205/55 R16. Blizzak ICE compared to the performances of Bridgestone studded tyres and main studded competitor in the same segment:. Annex Report No. [713143908-03]. Objective interior noise (dB): Bridgestone Blizzak ICE (63,4 dB), Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 (70.0 dB), Bridgestone Spike-02 (70.4 dB), Bridgestone Noranza 001 (70.7 dB), Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 (71.2dB).

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