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Manufacturer of the year - Summer 2021 AutoBild award
sport car on a race track

Discover the potenza family

This image is a packshot of the Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyre.
This background image shows a landscape image with a regional road in the foreground.

Summer Car / 4x4 / Suv tyre

  • Best cornering & straight line stability 1) 2)
  • Best braking on dry roads 1) 3)
  • Outstanding performance on wet roads 4
Bridgestone Potenza S 001 packshot
empty road with a pedestrian

Summer Car tyre

  • High speed performance
  • Wet control
  • Excellent grip and precision response
 Bridgestone Potenza S 007 packshot
overview of a highway during the evening

Summer Car tyre

  • High speed performance
  • Outstanding steering response
  • Maximum cornering grip

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race track with Bridgestone banner

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This image shows a packshot of the Potenza Sport, a high-performance tyre by Bridgestone.

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