Dueler All Terrain A/T002 NEW

Dueler All Terrain A/T002 tyre
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Dueler All Terrain A/T002 NEW

Dueler All Terrain A/T002 tyre

For those who demand control and performance whatever the terrain, the new Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain A/T002 tyre makes an on- and off-road statement with its versatile tyre pattern and excellent wet and dry grip while providing high mileage.


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  • Aggressive tyre design
  • Excellent wet and dry grip
  • Improved mileage 1
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Legal notice

Based on internal benchmark Dueler All-Terrain A/T002 vs. Dueler AT/001 (ref. size 265/65R17)​​.

Technical features & benefits

" Illustration of hexagonal centre blocks, circumferential and lateral grooves and connection between shoulder and sidewall."


Aggressive tyre design for optimal traction

Modern all-terrain design with hexagonal centre blocks shape & circumferential connection between shoulder and sidewall design.

Illustration of high silica content compound, optimised rib and void distribution and z-shaped sipes.


For excellent wet and dry grip

High Silica content compound to deliver a superior adhesion during manoeuvres in the wet and Z-shaped Sipes​ to increase biting edges enhancing lateral and longitudinal grip.

Illustration of all-terrain tyre profile, optimised contact patch and increased skid depth.


For improved mileage

Optimised contact patch​ to guarantee even stiffness and contact pressure distribution and increased skid depth to further boost mileage with no trade off in rolling resistance thanks to higher natural rubber content.

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