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VX-R Tractor New





Whether you're driving on the road or across the fields, the VX-R TRACTOR tyre offers you the versatility, outstanding performance, and increased productivity you need for sustainable farming.

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  • Wide tyre tread ​for more traction, that provides more contact between the tyre and the soil, maximising the traction of Bridgestone’s involute lug design.
  • Long wear life by matched rolling circumference, and Bridgestone’s strong casing and outstanding wear-resistant compound make longer lasting tyres.
  • Excellent driver comfort​ with a wide tread equals a bigger footprint on the road for a smooth and comfortable ride.
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Technical benefits and features

Diagram showing the width of the Bridgestone VX-R Tractor tyre

Total Tread Width

Improved traction and performance

- Additional tread volume for optimized tyre life.


- New tyre design with increased tread width for more contact on soil providing more traction on the field and more comfort on the road.

Diagram showing how a tractor's front and rear axles need to be calibrated to optimize performance

Matched rolling circumference

Designed to optimize your tractor's performance

- Carefully matched the rolling circumference of each front/rear tyre combination to ensure an optimum front axle LEAD.

- VX-R TRACTOR tyres have been designed specifically to work in front/rear vehicle combinations, both with other VX-R TRACTOR tyres and with VX-TRACTOR tyres.

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Bridgestone ENLITEN

A step forward in sustainable farming

ENLITEN are Bridgestone's ground-breaking technologies for superior tyre performance and improved sustainability.

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10 Year Warranty

Serving our customers with the best possible quality. Bridgestone is glad to offer an increased warranty for its products and reinforce the trust that you put in us by using our products.