Radial tyre

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Radial tyre

Introducing the VT-TRACTOR: the flagship of the Bridgestone premium agricultural tyres range. Built for today’s most advanced, heavy and sophisticated machines, the VT-TRACTOR sets the highest standards in terms of both performance and soil protection, helping farmers get the most out of their land today and tomorrow.
  • Large footprint for low soil compaction
  • Outstanding traction for high productivity
  • Lower operation costs
  • Very High Flexion Tyre (VF) technology
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Larger footprint for higher yield
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VF technology
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Designed for traction
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Soil protection
Farmer proud to use Bridgestone agriculture tyres
The ride comfort with these tyres is fantastic, and I’ve noticed that they leave a much smaller imprint in the soil than other tyres.

BT Produce (UK) - Paul D. (Tractor Driver)

Technical benefits and features

A technical sketch of a Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR tyre

Soil protection

Greater yields for longer
VT-TRACTOR is an efficient solution to reduce compaction: this tyre is the only one to combine these 3 Bridgestone technologies for tread, bead and sidewalls. Enough to take the greatest care of your soil!
Patented Involute lug design

Superior traction

Faster working
Tread design and bigger footprint contributes to a higher yield. The patented involute lug design minimises slip and soil disturbance, and provides superior traction.
Higher load capacity

Lower operation costs

Greater efficiency on the road
VT-TRACTOR tyre can carry a load up to 40% heavier compared with a standard tyre, thanks to VF technology.
Bead S-Line design

S-LINE bead profile

Greater flexing at low pressure
Bridgestone’s unique and robust S-LINE bead profile ensures durability under extreme conditions with great flexing at lower pressure to reduce soil compaction, but also high and constantly changing loads.
NRO icon

Narrow Rim Option (NRO)

The NRO marking allows the use of a narrower rim width than normally permitted by ETRTO Standards for either IF or VF tyres of the same size. Bridgestone NRO-marked tyres have two sets of unique sidewall markings as highlighted in picture.
28 VF480/65 R28 NRO 148D 145E
28 VF540/65 R28 NRO 154D 151E
28 VF600/65 R28 NRO 159D 156E
28 VF600/70 R28 NRO 164D 160E
30 VF540/65 R30 NRO 155D 152E
30 VF600/70 R30 NRO 165D 161E
30 VF620/75 R30 169D 166E
30 VF710/55 R30 NRO 165D 161E
30 VF710/60 R30 NRO 167D 164E
34 VF540/65 R34 NRO 157D 154E
34 VF600/65 R34 NRO 163D 159E
34 VF600/70 R34 NRO 167D 164E
34 VF650/60 R34 NRO 165D 162E
34 VF650/65 R34 NRO 167D 164E
34 VF710/60 R34 NRO 169D 166E
38 VF600/65 R38 NRO 164D 160E
38 VF650/65 R38 NRO 169D 166E
38 VF650/75 R38 NRO 175D 172E
38 VF650/85 R38 179D 176E
38 VF710/70 R38 178D 175E
38 VF800/70 R38 184D 181E
38 VF900/60 R38 NRO 183D 180E
42 VF620/70 R42 172D 169E
42 VF650/65 R42 NRO 170D 167E
42 VF710/70 R42 179D 176E
42 VF710/75 R42 181D 178E
42 VF900/50 R42 NRO 180D 177E
42 VF900/60 R42 NRO 185D 182E

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10 Year Warranty

Serving our customers with the best possible quality. Bridgestone is glad to offer an increased warranty for its products and reinforce the trust that you put in us by using our products.

Agriculture tyre pattern visual with warranty stamp