Radial tyre

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Radial tyre

Introducing the VT-COMBINE: bound to be a totally reliable partner for farmers and agricultural contract workers during the harvest season, when every moment counts. They operate very efficiently in all conditions and carry heavier loads while protecting our most precious resource, fertile soil.
  • High durability thanks to robust casing
  • Large footprint for low soil compaction
  • Greater load capacity for an increased efficiency (vs standard tyres)
  • Outstanding traction for high productivity
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Longer footprint for higher yield
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VT-COMBINE technologies
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Designed for traction
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Farmer proud to use Bridgestone agriculture tyres
I use Bridgestone VT-COMBINE tyres in wet soil corn harvesting in October. The tyres perform well without disturbing the soil.

Jean-Louis M. - France

Technical benefits and features

Image showing high loading in cyclic field operations

Higher load capacity

High loading in Cyclic Field Operations
VT-COMBINE tyres are designed to carry higher loads than the equivalent standard tyres. Cyclic field operations in particular permit cyclical (repeated) higher loads, when the cutting platform is raised, or when the grain tank is full for example.
Patented Involute lug design

Excellent traction

Making harvesting easier in all conditions
The patented lug design and the larger tread footprint improve traction and stability, even on slopes, hillsides or in wet conditions. The patented involute lug design minimises slip and soil disturbance, and provides superior traction.
Visual demonstration of how Bridgestone VT-COMBINE tyres protect soil's fertility

Low soil compaction

Reduce soil compaction, protect soil’s fertility
With their large footprint, VT-COMBINE tyres compact soil less during harvest: the best preparation for a higher yield at the next harvest. They allow very high loads with low pressure tyres. VT-COMBINE low pressure tyres minimise soil disturbance and shorten soil structure recovery times.
Bead S-Line design

Outstanding durability

Very robust casing technology, superior compound
Bridgestone VT-COMBINE tyres are extremely reliable thanks to their very robust casing technology and their superior compound. S-LINE bead profile enables great flexing at low pressure.
38 IF 800/70 R38 CFO 184A8
32 IF1050/50 R32 CFO 185A8
32 IF 650/75 R32 CFO 173A8
32 IF 680/85 R32 CFO 179A8
32 IF 800/65 R32 CFO 178A8
32 IF 800/70 R32 CFO 182A8
32 IF 900/60 R32 CFO 182A8
30 VF 540/65 R30 CFO 161A8
26 VF 620/75 R26CFO 172A8
26 VF 620/75 R26 CFO 172A8
26 VF 750/65 R26 CFO 177A8
24 VF 500/85 R24 CFO 163A8

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10 Year Warranty

Serving our customers with the best possible quality. Bridgestone is glad to offer an increased warranty for its products and reinforce the trust that you put in us by using our products.

Agriculture tyre pattern visual with warranty stamp