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Radial tyre

  • Long wear life: Wear-resistant compound and long, wide and deep lugs
  • Outstanding durability: Fully capable of carrying heavy loads at higher inflation pressure up to 3.0 bar in cyclic operations
  • Superior traction: Thanks to patented Involute technology and a large tread footprint
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A scenic view of farmland soil

Radial tyre

  • Large footprint for low soil compaction
  • Outstanding traction for high productivity
  • Lower operation costs
  • Very High Flexion Tyre (VF) technology
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A scenic view of a large wheat farm

Radial tyre

  • High durability thanks to robust casing
  • Large footprint for low soil compaction
  • Greater load capacity for an increased efficiency (vs standard tyres)
  • Outstanding traction for high productivity

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Tyre Technologies

Our Increased Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) technologies protect your fertile soil, while enabling you to work faster and more efficiently, carry heavier loads, consume less fuel and harvest higher yields.
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Tyre Pressure App

Use our mobile app to help you calculate your tyre pressure in order to maximise the safety and efficiency your Bridgestone agricultural tyres. Download the app for Android or iOS.
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Firestone Tyres

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