Tyre Talk: FAQ

Q. Why did Bridgestone decide to launch the DriveGuard product?
A. At Bridgestone, we believe that Run-Flat Technology should not be limited to use on luxury or high-performance vehicles, so we have been perfecting RFT technology in order to produce the first full line of touring tyres with run-flat capabilities which can be applied to any passenger car¹ that did not originally come with run-flats.

Furthermore, there are now enough TPMS-equipped vehicles on the road to create sufficient demand for an after-market tyre with run-flat capabilities and we are proud to be the first tyre manufacturer to bring RFT  to a wider range of drivers and vehicles.

¹DriveGuard tyres are currently not available for vans, and are only available for cars equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). TODO: Read less