Tyre Talk

What is the difference between DriveGuard tyres & Run-Flat tyres?

Actually, DriveGuard is a run-flat technology (RFT) tyre. It allows drivers to travel for up to 50 miles1 at a maximum speed of 50mph after a puncture. With low or even no tyre pressure!

high-tech cooling fins

DriveGuard, however, is the first full line of RFT available for coupés, sedans and wagons not originally equipped with run-flat tyres.

It also integrates Bridgestone’s innovative Cooling Fin technology, a real breakthrough in tyre design.

And, finally, Bridgestone Driveguard tyres are lighter than standard run-flat tyres.2

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¹ Driving distance after a puncture may vary depending on vehicle load, outside temperature, and when the Tyre Pressure Maintenance System is triggered.

2 Based on a TÜV assessment executed in November 2015.