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Chase Your Dream No Matter What

New campaign celebrating our ambassadors and their struggles to achieve sporting success.

Bridgestone UK are pleased to celebrate becoming an official TOP Worldwide Olympic Partner with the launch of our pan-European campaign, Chase Your Dream, No Matter What.

We have engineered the campaign to champion Bridgestone’s elite team of UK ambassadors and their extraordinary struggles to fulfil their sporting dreams and reach Olympic success. 

Their struggles and accomplishments embody Bridgestone’s objective to keep our customers safe, assured and on track, however demanding their journey might be. Remember, our tyres are rigorously engineered to perform their best when our patrons need them most.

Ambassadors and their role

Bridgestone UK has handpicked three outstanding Team GB Olympians - each with inspirational stories of fighting adversity - to spearhead Chase Your Dream, No Matter What.

Daley Thomson

Athletics legend Daley Thompson, the only decathlete to ever win two Olympic gold medals, had to overcome poverty, the pitfalls of a broken home, and racial discrimination to become one of the greatest athletes in British sporting history: 

“You have to believe in yourself, believe that you’ll beat the obstacles in front of you, whether it’s your background or the other athletes you’re up against…”

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Charley Hull

As a teenage girl in a sport dominated by men, child golf prodigy Charley Hull fought discrimination, misogyny, and a competition schedule that robbed her of her youth to become a champion: 

"I’ve come up against many barriers as a female golfer and I’ve had to learn to battle these to succeed. When you feel strongly about something, it’s your spirit as much as your ability that gets you through. I feel that I have a spirit to chase my dream, no matter what.”

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Chris Mears

24-year-old diver Chris Mears overcame personal loss and a life-threatening illness to fulfil his Olympic dream, and win both gold and silver medals in Rio 2016: 

“A positive mental attitude, not only in sport but I think just generally in life, is a person's biggest strength. I’m definitely a fighter. I have that spirit within me”.

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