Tyre Talk

DriveGuard on top form at Heythrop

While many of Europe’s most talented emerging golfers were making their mark on the golf course at the Bridgestone Challenge, DriveGuard was leaving an equally memorable impression off it, thanks to field engineers Peter Moulding and Kevin Hales.

DriveGuard on top form at Heythrop

A specially created driving circuit at Heythrop Park allowed the pair to show off the virtues of the product to a number of visitors, not to mention journalists from Autocar, Evo, Tyres & Accessories and other media outlets.

The award winning touring tyre was put through its paces on two Vauxhall Astras to demonstrate how motorists can keep on travelling safely after a puncture. The messages certainly stuck too, with a number of families being struck with the safety benefits of the product.

Firstly, an Astra with a fully inflated set of tyres was manoeuvred around the track, before a front tyre was deflated. Passengers could then feel the benefits and when supplemented with Kevin and Peter’s expert knowledge, a compelling case for choosing the product was given.

And owing to some particularly heavy downpours over the four days, DriveGuard’s ‘A’ rated wet performance was vividly brought to life!

Peter said: “It was great to be able to show off the product, particularly to so many families who can really benefit from the technology.

“We fielded a lot of questions and would like to think that we have given a great number of people some food for thought when considering their next tyre purchases.

“Kevin and I received some excellent feedback on the product and were only too pleased to be able to communicate the benefits of DriveGuard to people.”

Bridgestone DriveGuard, underlines the company’s commitment to road safety – in practically all conditions – as it can help prevent accidents resulting from punctures, sudden loss of pressure or other types of tyre damage.

Peter concluded: “Bridgestone DriveGuard empowers you to keep moving and avoid the immediate burden and unsafe circumstances of a flat tyre; drivers get to choose when and where they have their tyre replaced – within the indicated speed and distance limits. Hopefully we were able to bring all these points to people’s attention at the Bridgestone Challenge.”