Tyre Talk

Can I mix DriveGuard tyres with ordinary tyres?

If you’ve made the decision to go for DriveGuard tyres, it is best to equip your entire car with them. For two main reasons…

Firstly, with conventional tyres you lose the main advantage of DriveGuard tyres. If you get a flat, you will have to pull over to replace your tyre immediately. Often in the last place you would choose to do so…

But there is also a technical reason why you should replace all 4 tyres with DriveGuard. And that is because your car’s handling characteristics may be adversely affected by mixing tyres.

You should therefore avoid using conventional tyres in combination with DriveGuard, except in an emergency. If you do need to use a conventional tyre temporarily, make sure it matches the size, load capacity, inflation pressure and speed rating specifications required by your vehicle. And replace that conventional spare as quickly as possible with a DriveGuard!