Tyre Talk

Bridgestone reinventing the wheel!

As wheelie novel inventions go, this airless bicycle tyre takes some beating!

Bridgestone Air Free Concept bicycle tire

Bridgestone has created this next-generation bicycle tyre in an effort to realise practical application of the ‘Air Free Concept1.’ This futuristic design could become a reality as soon as 2019, with feasibility studies now taking place.

The ‘Air Free Concept’ is a technology that eliminates the need for tyres to be inflated with air to support the weight, using a unique structure of spokes stretching along the inner sides of tyres. In addition, the resins that are used in the spokes and rubbers help realise more efficient use of resources.

Bridgestone Corporation and Bridgestone Cycle adapted the ‘Air Free Concept’ to develop bicycle tyres without punctures. The high flexibility for design granted by resin has also enabled proposals of next-generation bicycles which have never been seen before.

The Bridgestone Group aims to propose new ways of cycling utilising the ‘Air Free Concept’ while also adapting this technology to be used in various other types of tyres. The Bridgestone Group is committed to continuously working toward a sustainable with the universal and eco-friendly mobility for supporting people’s lives.

1 For more details on the “Air Free Concept,” please refer to the following news release issued by Bridgestone Corporation on November 21, 2013.