Tyre Talk

3 Tips To Safely Enjoy Sunny Rides

Temperature is a major influence on your tyres’ performance. So, if you’re after the happy-go-lucky sort of summer drive, checking tyre pressure correctly is definitely the way to go.

1. Stay safe
If your tyre pressure is too high or too low, you will damage your tyres. This may cause a puncture. And when it does, you might lose steering control.

When the temperature rises, so does your tyre pressure when driving. Remember to check the pressure when the tyre is cold. If you want to rely on its full road performance, then check its pressure in the morning.

During your ride, heat will build up inside the tyre. Because of this, the pressure will rise as well. That’s perfectly normal, don’t worry. So, what you should definitely not do, is lower the pressure of a hot tyre. When the tyre cools down, the pressure drops automatically. If you have lowered the pressure, however, you risk getting under the prescribed minimum pressure when the tyre is cold.  

So, better to check your tyre pressure in the morning and stay safe.

2. Don’t endanger the life of your tyre
Your tyre’s life is in the hands of its pressure. If the pressure isn’t right, your tyre will wear down more easily and faster. If you see the sides of the tread pattern wearing off, that might be an indication that your pressure is too low. 

If only the very middle of your tread pattern is wearing down, your tyre pressure probably is too high. Both are safety hazards you definitely want to avoid. 

Watch the video to learn why.

3. Save money
If you have a lower tyre pressure, finally, you will also increase rolling resistance and waste more fuel. So, driving with the right pressure will be better for your fuel economy, and will save you money on the go.