A safe and reliable solution

Retreading is a safe and reliable solution for fleets to reduce tyre costs while preserving the environment. Retread in Europe are manufactured to standards and specifications imposed by EU legislation. Today in Europe, more than 1 out of 3 replacement truck tyres is a retread.

Bandag: world class retreading process

Similar performance to new, at 30% lower cost. With no compromise on safety. That's what Bridgestone retread stands for.


Our retreads are the result of Bridgestone and Bandag's combined know-how in compound and tread design development which has been continually refined over more than 60 years of retreading experience. The consistent quality and safety of Bridgestone retread is the result of each dealer's expert use of the Bandag System, a combination of:

  • Bandag tread products and cushion gum
  • Bandag equipment
  • the Bandag retreading process

Bandag is the Retread Brand of Bridgestone, your guarantee of maximum quality, performance and efficiency.

Reduced cost per kilometre

Retreads deliver on average 30% lower cost per kilometre than new tyres. The more a casing can be retreaded, the lower the Total Tyre Life cost is. The more times a casing can be retreaded, the lower the Total Tyre Life cost. With total savings of up to 19% if you have a second retread.