A pence per mile contract has been agreed with Tower Transit Group, which comprises of two of its UK businesses, Tower Transit Operations Ltd which operates 500 buses on TfL contracts and Whippet Coaches Group that operate express coaches, as well as a further 70 Stage carriage buses. 

The decision to move across to Bridgestone is seen a huge coup for the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, not least with Tower Transit being with their previous supplier for a number of years. 

The decision was based largely on Bridgestone’s ability to offer greater value for money and the agreement is for three years, with an option of a two-year extension. 

Tower Transit’s Group Engineering Director Satnam Cheema said: “Bridgestone gave me a lot of confidence through their proposed transition plan. This gave me the assurance that switching supplier would bring minimum risk and we would continue to receive a quality service. 

“Effective tyre management is very important to us, particularly because we pride ourselves on delivering some of the highest vehicle maintenance standards in the industry. Bridgestone’s contract is designed to proactively monitor and manage each and every tyre. This then lends itself to improved fuel consumption and maximised tyre life. At the same time, we ensure that all statutory and safety levels are achieved and that there is minimum disruption to the operation of our bus fleet.” 

Bridgestone’s fleet operations manager Matt Millington said: “We are extremely proud of our range of premium products and Total Tyre Care package, which we think positions us as a number one choice for bus and coach fleets. 

“But to be able to be so competitive on price is another compelling factor for operators. In this instance, we were able to demonstrate our cradle to grave tyre maintenance programme as well as a number of associated savings. 

“To be in a position to work with Tower Transit is a huge coup for everyone at Bridgestone. We look forward to strengthening our relationship and becoming an indispensable component of their business.” 

The fleet partnership represents a double coup for Bridgestone, after the company also secured work with East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) in the run-up to Christmas. 

Bridgestone’s ‘full-fit’ package - where an in-house technician physically removes then re-fits wheel assemblies – was the ideal solution for the fleet’s central location in Hull, comprising 160 vehicles. 

Meanwhile, a ‘super fit’ option was then requested for EYMS’s other depots dotted around the region, with the built-up assemblies being sent to the fleet’s own technicians to fit to the remaining 140 buses and coaches. 

Bridgestone Towers above competitors to secure bus and coach fleet