A new five year pence-per-kilometre (PPK) deal has been secured with one of the UK’s largest privately owned 3PL’s Downton, extending an existing 10 year partnership.

The announcement is seen as a major coup for Bridgestone, adding weight to its belief that close working relationships are as equally integral to the premium tyre products themselves.

Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care package for commercial fleet operators underpins its long-term aim to offer more miles on the road per-tyre than its competitors and was a key factor in the eventual decision.

It allows Downton to keep tight control over their tyre-related costs and is built around the following three components:

  • Total Tyre Life - Premium new tyres
  • Total Tyre Services - Professional tyre maintenance and assistance throughout Europe
  • Total Tyre Systems - Inspection tools, customised reports and innovative technologies such as TPMS 

Under this umbrella of tyre support, Bridgestone will continue work in new and innovative ways with CM Downton, involving dedicated Bridgestone specialists who liaise directly with the fleet.

Regular tyre maintenance meetings and an innovative digital reporting system should also equate to less breakdown calls when drivers are out on the road, leading to better productivity and ultimately, a more satisfied fleet.

Bridgestone’s commercial sales Director Greg Ward said: “We are naturally thrilled to have reached this agreement with CM Downton and we will strive to keep on improving on our results to date.

“The business has established itself at the forefront of a highly competitive industry and we see it as a massive coup to have been chosen to provide tyre solutions for the team, not least when competition was so high.”

Richard Downton said: “We are delighted that this partnership is proving so beneficial for us and it was an easy decision for us to make in the end.

“Our ongoing relationship with Bridgestone is helping us to raise industry standards and we look forward to building on this joint collaboration.”