The world’s largest tyre manufacturer will use an impressively sized exhibition space to officially launch ‘Bridgestone Partner’.

The launch, from April 14 to 16, is not just a rebranding of the existing Truck Point network, but an opportunity to change the focus of the European network to meet the evolving needs of tyre service.

It represents a second consecutive appearance at the CV Show where Bridgestone’s holistic tyre care offering is positioned as an overarching theme rather than a focus on tyre products alone, following last year’s focus on its Total Tyre Care package, where businesses can keep tight control over tyre-related costs.

Bridgestone Europe’s Director Truck & Bus, Commercial Business Unit, Steven De Bock said: “Customer demands are constantly changing as they continually look to reduce total cost of ownership, so we are meeting this demand head-on by aligning our service network to our Total Tyre Care strategy.

“The quality and profile of the Bridgestone brand is one of our strongest assets, so it makes sense that we incorporate our current service network (Truck Point) under one service umbrella that will be instantaneously recognisable to our end users.”

The Bridgestone Partner network will consist of over 350 Truck Tyre specialists across the UK and Ireland who embrace Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care approach.

Total Tyre Care allows businesses to keep tight control over their tyre-related costs courtesy of a hat-trick of services.

It has been tailored to meet the needs of every commercial fleet operator and is quite unlike anything else on the market.

The three tyre management pillars: Total Tyre Life, Total Tyre Services and Total Tyre Systems underpin the overall proposition, which continues to define Bridgestone as a market leader

The Bridgestone Partner network provides a service oriented and experienced, qualified technicians with industry leading response times.

A key component of Bridgestone’s CV Show presence will be the unveiling of one of the first vans in Europe to carry the Bridgestone Partner logo.

Meanwhile, the brand will be taking the opportunity to talk directly to fleets about the additional “Total Tyre Systems” that Bridgestone utilise in order to minimise downtime and reduce overall costs.

This includes Bridgestone’s unique Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and its Total Tyre Manager software, which provides full visibility of costs and open book reporting.

Bridgestone has also opted to showcase its provision of golf products and accessories at the CV Show for a second consecutive year, in an attempt to bring a huge company asset to a new audience, who may not be aware of the strength of the sports range.

Bridgestone Europe’s Director Truck & Bus, Commercial Business Unit, Steven De Bock added: “It is another point of difference that we leveraged to great success last year and we think it will prove to be popular, as it was in 2014.”