Bridgestone Europe, the number one tyre and rubber manufacturer in the world, has presented its new premium all-position bus and coach tyre U-AP 001 at the Reifen Essen tyre fair, 27th to 30th May 2014. Developed to meet the challenges of today’s intensive urban transportation, the Bridgestone U-AP 001 outperforms its predecessor R192 in key performance criteria and provides operators with advantages in four major areas :

• High level of safety all year round thanks to its improved grip and braking performance in all conditions, including winter and mud and fresh or melting snow, which have granted the M+S marking and Alpine symbol.
• Improved cost efficiency thanks to a 20% longer tyre life and therefore significantly lower cost per kilometre than R192, better regroovability and retreadability, improved resistance to irregular wear and tougher durability.
• Extended tyre life with Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Life* programme which delivers a long first life and the opportunity for multiple retread lives through the company’s Bandag premium retreads.
• Increased load capacity (from 148 to 150) to cope with today’s public transportation requirements (EURO VI regulation).

“Bridgestone has focused on robustness for the new-generation U-AP 001 bus tyre, ensuring that it has the durability and high casing value to give operators superior tyre life and retreadability, leading to a low cost per kilometre” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning, Bridgestone Europe.

Robust casing and 20% longer life
Bridgestone engineers have achieved this higher performance by optimising the casing, tread design and compound of the U-AP 001.

The robust casing has been built to support higher load capacity than its predecessor, as well as higher stress and deformation forces for many thousands of kilometres during the tyre’s new but also retread life.

Bridgestone has also applied its latest-generation compounds, providing high resistance to abrasion and heat which helps to extend the casing life and reduce rolling resistance, for better fuel economy.

The advanced tread pattern of the U-AP 001 features a 5% wider tread than R192, increasing mileage, grip and cornering performance.

Damage resistant
Wider, solid shoulder ribs provide more durability and better scrub resistance while manoeuvring. Extra resistance to damage is provided by a tough side guard which protects the casing against kerbing and a sidewall protector with a thick layer of special compound highly resistant to damage.

Low cost per kilometre
“Cost per kilometre is the bottom line for fleet operators. With high mileage and maximum opportunity for regrooving and retreading, Bridgestone’s robust new U-AP 001 offers operators the chance to decrease cost per kilometre significantly” adds Harald Van Ooteghem.

Bridgestone introduced U-AP 001 in bus tyre size 275/70R22.5 for fleet contracts in Europe in April 2014. The plan is to make it available in the replacement market as from September 2014 and expand to size 245/70R19.5 in 2015.

U-AP 001 is the first Bridgestone bus tyre to follow the company’s new approach to making tyre descriptions more transparent and clearer for customers and operators with a name that reflects the two most important aspects of correct tyre usage: surface type (U = Urban) and axle (AP = All Position).

* Total Tyre Life is part of Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care, a flexible range of complementary truck tyre programmes designed to help fleets keep tight control on tyre-related costs. Total Tyre Care programme consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Total Tyre Life, geared around a robust casing built to deliver multiple lives, offering a long first life thanks to superior Bridgestone design features and (multiple) retread lives with the company’s Bandag retread solution.
  2. Total Tyre Services, the component that keeps a fleet’s trucks running at maximum efficiency with maintenance, monitoring and assistance services provided by the pan-EU network of Bridgestone partners.
  3. Total Tyre Systems, which gives fleets clear visibility of their tyre conditions at all times via Bridgestone’s unique monitoring and tracking tools such as Toolbox and TPMS.

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