How Bridgestone lowers truck tyre cost of ownership

In today’s tough economic climate, transport fleets face constant pressure to reduce operating costs. Bridgestone has taken up this challenge and demonstrates why truck fleet operators should concentrate not on price, but on the cost per kilometer over the total tyre life.

Key to this “Total Tyre Life” programme is Bridgestone’s approach of extending the life of a tyre as long as possible, thereby reducing the cost per kilometer over the whole tyre lifecycle.

Casings built to last…

The cycle starts with premium Bridgestone new truck tyres for steer, drive and trailer axles, designed using the most advanced technologies with no compromise on performance or safety. Waved Belt™ and Turn-In-Ply are two of Bridgestone’s most advanced technologies that improve the stability and durability of the casings, providing both a long first life and the ideal conditions for retreading.

… for optimum retreading

Using the world’s most trusted pre-cured retreading process, the European network of Bandag franchisees gets the most out of fleets’ casing assets by giving the tyre a second life, and often a third.

The advantage for customers is that Bandag retreading offers similar to tyre performance but at greatly reduced cost, providing on average a 30% lower cost per kilometer than new truck tyres. The production of retread tyres also has environmental benefits, using fewer resources and producing around 30% less carbon emissions than new-tyre production.

Bridgestone has developed a wide choice of patterns available as retreads, covering all applications and conditions in Europe.

With an equally solid partner, Truck Point – the largest independent pan-European truck tyre network with over 2,400 professionals in 29 countries – Bridgestone can provide the necessary service, monitoring and advice to optimise the long lifecycle of Bridgestone truck tyres on the road.

“With Total Tyre Life, we help fleet owners extend tyre life and reduce their tyre cost per kilometer over the tyre’s whole life” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager, Marketing Planning, Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

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