On 14th April the new Bandag franchise dealership 5-Let Ltd. in Mezőszilas, Hungary, opened doors of their new retread factory. This € 2 million project features the latest Bandag retread technology.

Among the nearly 100 guests invited to the opening ceremony there were representatives of the Hungarian government and Mr. Akihito Ishii, Director Truck, Bus & Retread Bridgestone Europe. Further on representatives of national and local media, officials from local organisations in Mezőszilas, and managing directors of neighbouring companies.attended the event.

5-Let, the 100% Hungarian owned company, is since 1996 involved in green energy solutions, mainly geothermal energy. Retreading truck tyres uses up to 75% less energy and resources as making new tyres. It also reduces the number of tyres to be disposed. Making this new retread factory a new step forward in 5-Let’s commitment towards the environment.

As a Bandag franchise, 5-Let has access to the wide range of premium Bandag and Bridgestone retreads. This is good news for the Hungarian fleet owners who want to save on their tyre budget. As Bandag and Bridgestone retreads offer similar performance as new tyres, but at a significantly lower cost.

This new Bandag dealer also strengthens Bridgestone fleet package in Hungary, consisting of new tyres, retreads and services, designed to lower end users’ costs.

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