Bridgestone announces the launch of a Bandag tread range that corresponds exactly to Bridgestone’s premium on/off-road tyres, offering sensational investment protection to fleets in wear-intensive transport applications. The three new Bandag on/off-road designs are intended for drive axle, trailer and all-position use respectively.

The merger of Bandag and Bridgestone has brought together half a century of precure retreading expertise with the high-tech quality development of a major tyre manufacturer. This exciting new venture enables Bridgestone to manufacture Bandag treads that deliver similar quality, performance and looks as the equivalent Bridgestone new tyres.

Rugged, tough and like-new
The common feature of the new Bandag L355 (E) traction tread, M748 (E) trailer tread and M840 (E) all-position tread is their extraordinary resistance to cutting and chipping. Bandag products are now benefiting from Bridgestone’s vast experience with off-road tyres and has developed a revolutionary new rubber compound that is designed to withstand even the roughest surfaces.

The tread rubber and reinforced shoulders also protect the valuable tyre casing against sharp objects, while the extra-deep tread patterns extend tyre lifespan even in the harshest driving conditions.

The three new Bandag tread designs feature the typical curved section of the Bandag ECL platform. This means that a Bandag L355 (E), M748 (E) or M840 (E) retread is virtually indistinguishable from the corresponding Bridgestone new tyre. But there is much more to these new Bandag treads than just looks, because their quality, performance, reliability and mileage are also similar to new.

Concerned with reliability and budget

The on/off-road segment relies heavily on tyre retreading to optimise tyre budgets and durability. Many owners of fleets operating in wear-intensive on/off-road applications value the combination of premium new Bridgestone tyres and reliable precure tyre retreading. As a result, the three Bridgestone designs now being launched by Bandag are certain to appeal to fleet customers seeking to maintain optimum reliability across several tyre ‘lives’, while driving their tyre budget further.