Discover Fuelcare, our dedicated solution to lower the fuel consumption, CO2 emission and TCO of your fleet.

This image shows a truck driving on a highway and using FuelCare, a Bridgestone fuel management tool.
Learn how your tyre policy impacts fuel consumption
Find the ideal balance between tyre cost and fuel spend
Reduce your fuel bill, TCO and C02 emissions up to 10%

What FuelCare can do for you

This image shows the FuelCare tablet and simulator.

Insights about your tyres' TCO

Fleets spend up to 20 times more on fuel than on tyres. But tyres can have a significant impact on fuel spend. Fuelcare gives you full transparency on how your tyres affect your fleet's fuel consumption and what you can do to maximise savings.
This image shows the Duravis R002 and Ecopia H002.

The right choice for your operations

Short trips on regional roads with multiple deliveries or international long hauling, our best-in-class tyres deliver fuel savings without compromising mileage and safety. With Fuelcare you determine the optimal choice for each vehicle based on driving patterns and operations.
This image shows a fleet truck at a highway fuel stop with a sunset in the background.

Monitor your fuel savings

Fuelcare uses telematics and operational data to predict, monitor and quantify the fuel and C02 savings you could earn. Speed, acceleration and hill-climbing are factors the tool considers to determine potential tyre-related savings.
This image shows a close-up of the monitor, maintain and manage aspects of your fleet tyres' performance.

Proactive tyre maintenance

Proactive maintenance is fundamental for preserving a tyre's fuel-saving capabilities. Bridgestone's service network of 2,100 partners and Tirematics solutions provide total tyre care to maintain your tyres' excellent performance.
This image shows a fleet manager behind his desk working on data for the Webfleet Solutions

Achieve even more value

Complementary to tyre management solutions, Fuelcare offers opportunities to further enhance your savings by improving driving behaviour, routing and automated fuel tracking with WEBFLEET. Our all-in-one solution provides a maximum return on your assets with ultimate convenience.