Reducing tyre costs starts with getting the maximum out of the tyre's total life. With Total Tyre Life, built around Bridgestone's premium new tyre and Bandag retread products, we can help you to control your operating costs through concentrating on reducing the tyre cost/km over their entire lifecycle.

What is Total Tyre Life?

Casings that are built to last

Maximising the life of your tyres and thus minimising your costs

  • Ingeniously built, using the most advanced technologies.
  • Strong structure, increasing the stability, durability and multiple retreadabillity of your tyres.

Superb New Tyres

A long first life, without compromising on performance and safety.

  • Renowed quality
  • Complete range of steer, drive and trailer tyres, covering all sizes, applications and seasons
  • Ecopia, low rollling resistance tyres for increased fuel savings and reduced environmental impact.

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Bandag Retreads

Similar performance to new, at 30% lower cost. With no compromise on safety.

Our retreads are the result of Bridgestone and Bandag's combined know-how in compound and tread design development which has been continually refined over more than 50 years of retreading experience. The consistent quality and safety of Bridgestone and Bandag retreads is the result of each dealer's expert use of the Bandag System, a combination of:


• Bridgestone and Bandag tread products and cushion gum

• Bandag equipment

• the Bandag retreading process


Bandag is part of the Bridgestone Group. Your guarantee of maximum quality, performance and efficiency.