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Fuel Efficiency


Fuel Efficiency

Wet Grip

Wet Grip

Exterior noise (dB)

Exterior noise (dB)
71 71

Extend this tyre's life

Did you know you can retread this tyre?

Similar performance to new, at 30% lower cost. With no compromise on safety. That's what Bridgestone and Bandag retread stand for. This tyre can be retreaded for you.

Also available as a premium retread

Working with Bandag you can also buy this tyre as a retread saving your pocket.

Our retreads are the result of Bridgestone and Bandag's combined know-how in compound and tread design development which has been continually refined over more than 60 years of retreading experience.

Additional retread benefits

  • 70% less oil
  • Lower C02 emissions
  • 20kg less steel

Advanced Technologies

CONVEX Reduces the likelihood of heel and toe wear through even force distribution in the tread blocks.

C.T.D.M. C.T.D.M. optimises the casing contour for various performance factors.

DUAL SIPE Improves wet/winter performance as well as reducing stone retention.

ERD Combats the likelihood of river wear and other irregular wear types occuring on the tyres’ inner ribs.

GROOVE FENCE Reduces noise.

SIDE GUARD Protects casing against sidewall damage from kerbs and other road hazards.

VDS The Variable Depth Sipes give a higher density of siping in the tread.

VPS Reduces the noise generated by a regular pattern spacing.

Tyre Sizes

Size Load Index Speed Symbol Section Width (mm) Diameter (mm) Overall Static Loaded Radius (mm) Rolling Circ. (mm) @ 90lm/h (top, +2%) Rim (inch) Measuring Rim (inch) Optional  

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295/80 R 22.5 154/149 M 305 1057 492 3213 9 8.25 C 71 D