Serving society with superior quality: People at the heart of Bridgestone’s sustainability journey

01 Sep 2020

blurry image of children sitting on a desk

The recently published 2019-20 Bridgestone Global Sustainability Report is arguably the most significant we’ve ever published.

We revealed that we’d achieved Milestone 2020, the mid-term targets we set in 2012 on our journey to 2050, one year early in 2019; we outlined Milestone 2030, our new targets to help us go even further on our sustainability journey; and we launched a new era: our third foundation, Bridgestone 3.0, a global leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility.

2020 marks a key year on our sustainability journey, but there’s far more to this journey than purely our environmental initiatives. After all, serving society with superior quality is the mission Bridgestone was formed with. Today those words are more relevant than ever, and why we’re working to bring ongoing value to our people, customers, and society in everything we do.

Pioneering technicians in Turkey, teaching children in Poland, improving road safety in India

From Poland to India, our Bridgestone colleagues have been hard at work living our business’s mission by helping improve how people in their local communities move, live, work and play.

  • In Turkey, Brisa Bridgestone is committed to helping disadvantaged and underprivileged people find employment as tyre service technicians – training approximately 5,000 students since 2010.

    More recently, Brisa launched two innovative new educational programmes. The first has to date trained 26 women as technicians – now the first women in the tyre sector to work in local dealers; the second has enabled at least 50 people currently in prison to receive technician training to help them reintegrate into society.

  • In Poland, efforts are focused on a very different but equally important cause. Since 2008, a Bridgestone volunteer initiative has ensured that more than 33,000 children living in Poznan have been taught road and vehicle safety. The educational programme shares important advice on using car and booster seats, how to be a safe pedestrian, and other safety-related information.

  • Bridgestone India has also taken on a commitment to safer mobility – this time focusing on the truckers that occupy much of the roads every day. Thanks to the help of an amazing group of volunteers, Bridgestone India has successfully trained 450 young adults as skilled commercial drivers, ensured that 6,250 truckers have undergone vision check-ups and treatment, and provided 2,520 pairs of spectacles to truckers that need them.

Read the 2019-20 Bridgestone Global Sustainability Report to hear more about our achievements, our plans, and the vision we’re working towards.