Milestone 2030: The next stop on Bridgestone’s sustainability journey

Highway road between forest and sea

Back in 2012, we revealed our environmental vision for the future – for 2050, in fact. We stated that by then we would achieve a number of goals to operate in better balance with nature, we would utilise 100 per cent sustainable materials, and we would contribute to the globally agreed target towards a carbon neutral society, as set out in the Paris Agreement.

2050 was a long way away in 2012 – and still is today – but it’s not the only milestone we’re focusing on. In 2012 we also set a series of targets to achieve by 2020; targets that each laddered up to our long-term goals.

In what soon became known as ‘Milestone 2020’, we committed to reducing our global water withdrawal intensity by 35 per cent, our global resource productivity – simply meaning doing more with less – by 33 per cent, and our global CO2 intensity by 34 per cent, all from where we were in 2005.

Reduce CO2 emission by 50% goal

Fast-forward to July 2020 and the 2019-20 Bridgestone Global Sustainability Report is published. We labelled this report one of the most significant we’ve ever published. Why? Because in it we revealed that we accomplished Milestone 2020. Not only that, we achieved all three targets one year ahead of schedule in 2019.

We’re proud to have announced this achievement – a lot of hard work and change has gone in over the last eight years to make it possible – but there’s no cause for celebration; plenty of work is still to be done before 2050. Which is why we announced a new set of mid-term goals in the 2019-20 report: Milestone 2030.

Over the next 10 years we will increase our ratio of recycled and renewable materials to 40 per cent; we will reduce our absolute CO2 emissions by 30 per cent and aspire to reduce them by 50 per cent from where we were in 2011; and we will develop and implement our water stewardship plan at our manufacturing facilities in water-stressed areas globally.

Increase recycled and renewable materials by 40% goal

A sustainable mobility company

Sustainability has been in our DNA since we were first formed in 1931. Yet today, in this time time of unprecedented change, the mission of Bridgestone and the words of our founder Shōjirō Ishibashi, “serving society with superior quality”, are more relevant than ever.

We’re committed to bringing them to life as a business with a magnified focus on sustainability, one that co-creates social and customer value, achieves positive growth while supporting improvement in society, and shapes a sustainable future of mobility.

2050 is our long-term goal, but it’s by no means our end goal. The journey Bridgestone is on as a leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility has no final destination. We will forever continue in our efforts to be a business that has a positive, sustainable impact on mobility, the people we engage with, be them our colleagues, customers, or the communities we’re part of, and the planet we must work to protect for future generations.

For now, Milestone 2030 has most of our focus on this journey. We’re aiming to be equally proud of the report we publish in 10 years’ time.