How to choose an optimal truck tyre for colder regions

Winter landscape with snowy road

As a fleet manager or owner, there are many factors you need to consider to ensure your fleet achieves excellent performance. But the stakes can feel even higher when you have to contend with snow and ice. To help you keep business going, here are some useful tips when searching for a truck tyre that works year-round and provides extra comfort during the winter months.

What’s the ideal truck tyre for colder regions?

The optimal tyre for one truck can mean something different for another depending on the application, size and environment. It’s important to do your research and define what you need from your tyres before making a purchase. But for most fleets, the tyre needs to be durable to resist wear, increase fleet efficiency and adapt to different seasonal conditions.

1. Durability

Durability is about maintaining the original performance characteristics of your truck tyres for as long as possible. A premium durable tyre not only prevents punctures — it can also extend the wear life and contribute to lowering the cost per kilometre.

We recommend researching the specifications to see if the truck tyre is designed to perform well in colder regions. A genuine durable tyre will ideally have an optimised compound to reinforce its casing to handle winter roads and a stiffer tread pattern to resist wear and tear. With these features, the tyre is more likely to deliver the fuel efficiency, reliability and handling you expect.

2. Efficiency

Weather, fuel costs and maintenance are all factors that have a significant impact on daily fleet operations. As a fleet manager, understanding how your tyres perform in real-time can help you fix issues that may be impacting performance and prepare for what’s ahead.

Selecting a tyre with RFID or other connectivity solution for trucks of a fleet means you will have access to the latest data to fix operational inefficiencies, like vehicle performance, tyre maintenance and fuel consumption. All this insight can help you make informed decisions to keep your feet running as efficiently as possible and prepare for whatever lies ahead.

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3. Adaptability

For fleets operating in colder regions, a tyre that can last from one winter season to the next is ideal. Commercial tyres with excellent year-round performance, plus enhanced capabilities for snow and ice can support fleet uptime and prepare your drivers for whatever the weather brings.

Look for a tyre with a versatile tread pattern designed to support year-round braking, grip and handling. These tyres contain sipes, grooves and deeper voids that allow it to handle the impact of daily wear and transition through the seasons seamlessly.

4. Compliant with regulations

truck tyres designed for European winter conditions must also meet the latest regulations. The two markings to look for are the Mud + Snow (M+S) and Three-Peak Snowflake (3PMSF).

The M+S marking indicates the tyre is made for these specific conditions, while a 3PMSF indicates the tyre was tested and certified to perform in mild to moderate winter weather. These two markings are part of a pan-European regulation for winter tyres. So, always check what markings your region requires to ensure your fleet is compliant.

The Bridgestone choice

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The RW-STEER 001 is a new edition to the commercial range and complements the RW-DRIVE 001 to offer complete coverage for fleets operating in colder regions of Europe.

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