Bridgestone develops airless bike tyres

Bridgestone’s airless bike tyres on a bike.

Bridgestone Corporation in partnership with Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. applied its “Air Free Concept” to develop airless bike tyres. These revolutionary bike tyres are a tremendous step forward in transforming the conventional bike tyres of today to complementing bikes of tomorrow.

Bridgestone airless bike tyres at IAA 2018.

What is Bridgestone’s “Air Free Concept”?

The “Air Free Concept” is a technology that eliminates the need to have air in bike tyres, while strengthening the tyre material to prevent punctures.

What differentiates these bike tyres is their unique structure of spokes along the inner side to support weight and eliminate the need for air. The tyres also uses resins in the spokes and rubbers to use resources more efficiently.

The advantages of airless bike tyres

The airless bike tyre on a bike at Frankfurt IAA 2018.

  • The bike does not rely on air pressure
  • Bikers don't need to worry about getting a flat tyre
  • The tyre uses resources more efficiently
  • The tyres represent a new era for mobility

Changing mobility

The “Air Free Concept” resin provides high flexibility for design to create proposals for never-before-seen bikes. The airless bike tyres also support Bridgestone Group’s commitment to work towards a more sustainable, universal and eco-friendly mobility opportunities to improve people’s lives.