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A car driving along a mountainous coastline
UK exhilarating driving escapes prove popular in Bridgestone Potenza SPORT survey
UK interest in Staycations and Holiday Habits change in 2021, as Exhilarating Driving Escapes prove popular in Bridgestone Potenza Sport Survey.
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 a close-up of the high-performance Potenza Sport tyre
A brief history of the high-performance Potenza range
Potenza Sport is Bridgestone's latest sport tyre designed to unlock the power of high and ultra high-performance vehicles and provide a thrilling experience for drivers.
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an urban environment that’s ideal for the new U-AP 002 tyre
How the Bridgestone U-AP 002 supports city buses
Find out how the new U-AP 002 delivers a comfortable ride for city bus passengers and supports cities to be more sustainable.
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This image shows a packshot of the Potenza Sport, a high-performance tyre by Bridgestone.
Features to look for in a high-performance tyre
What enables a tyre's enhanced traction and stability when cornering all boils down to its unique characteristics.
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This image shows the Bridgestone Potenza Sport cornering on a highway at speed.
How Bridgestone developed its new high-performance tyre, Potenza SPORT
"How can we create the ideal high-performance tyre?" That's the question Bridgestone engineers asked themselves as they set out to create the next-generation Potenza.
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Virtual tyre modelling platform
How bridgestone’s virtual tyre modelling is revolutionising tyre development
Picture a world where we don’t have to make a physical prototype tyre to understand exactly how it will perform.
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